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Sex wth a drunk buddy.

Sex wth a drunk buddy.

We’m somewhat confused here. I’ve a close buddy who’s extremely hot and whom I’m really interested in. He claims he’s straight — and I also know he is intimately active with females — but we’ve fooled around a times that are few he ended up being drunk. I was thinking perhaps he’s slightly bi, and their state that is altered helps achieve into their bi part?

He’s staying beside me for the small bit while he’s in the middle flats, and got actually drunk a few times ago. (he’s got a liquor problem, and swings between sobriety and drunkenness. He, actually, are at an AA conference while we type this. ) He stated which he wished to decorate in my situation, so he placed on fishnets and a thong, and desired to fool around. I really couldn’t take action. I want to have sexual intercourse with him, but he had been drunk sufficient that We felt like i’d be benefiting from him, and We won’t accomplish that.

We thought WTF? We don’t know how a person who claims is right may also desire to placed on fishnets and fool around. I do want to have sexual intercourse he says he can only do it when he’s not with him when he’s sober, but. I’m trying to help keep him sober, nonetheless it sucks because then We don’t get to fool around with him, but their sobriety means more to me than making love with him.

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